Commercial Breeder of the Year

2020 Commercial Breeder of the Year

McKenzie Ranch

from Delisle, SK.

(L-R) Ken, Clayton, Tyson, Leanne, David McKenzie

2019 Commercial Breeder of the Year

Nielson Acres Ltd, Melfort

Congratulations to Cody, Dane, Tracey & Richard

2017 Commercial Breeder of the Year

Curt Chickoski

Curt and Julie Ckickoski is a partner and manager of the family owned Martens Ranch Ltd. and MCM Ranching Ltd. north of Swift Current. They run over 900 head of Red Angus cows of which half are bred to Charolais bulls. The cows are calved out on the range starting in April. In December the calves are marketed at Cowtown Livestock Exchange in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. The calves are weaned on Thanksgiving every year and backgrounded for a minimum of 60 days prior to sale. The family has run Charolais bulls since the 60’s when the ranch was operated by his older partners Harold and Gordon Martens and their dad Eugene Martens. The Charolais breed has added pounds and saleability of the calves because of their excellent performance in the feedlot. Today, Joe and Hugh Martens and his son-in-law Adrian Chubaty, also believe in the Charolais breed as a terminal cross. We find strength even in the Charolais Heifers. They are equally saleable in the fall. Over the decades the Charolais breed has refined itself into an excellent functional breed in ranching conditions.

Congratulations to Bob and Janet Jackson for receiving the SLA Honour Scroll at the SBIC in Regina on Jan 25, 2017
Calvin and Sandra Knoss-2016 SCA Commercial Breeder of the Year

2016 Commercial Breeder of the Year

Bob and Janet Jackson

Bob and Janet Jackson operated a mixed farm near Sylvania. They progressed from commercial to purebred cattle, registering their first Charolais in 1976. In that time, their herd grew to 150 purebreds and 100 commercial cows. This kept them very busy, not to mention the 2500 acres of grainland. Raising livestock gave them the opportunity to meet and work with many people across Canada. 2016 will mark 40 years in the purebred industry.

Bob was a member of the Saskatchewan Charolais Board of Directors for 8 years and served as President for 3 years. Following that , he served a 3 year term on the Canadian Charolais Board of Directors. From 1993-2003, Bob worked as Barn Boss at CWA and then returned in 2011 to hold two terms as a board member. Being involved in his local communities of Sylvania and Tisdale has been a priority, 15 years as school board member and 30 years for the RM of Tisdale; 20 years as counsellor and 10 years as Reeve. He also served 15 years on the Farm Credit Canada’s Appeals Board.

In 2012 Bob took on the responsibilities as Fieldman for Saskatchewan and Manitoba Charolais Associations. In Saskatchewan, Bob has been our representative at industry events including Saskatchewan Stock Growers, Tremunde Beef Research Farm, and the Beef Industry Conference. He also attends a majority of the auction markets during their weekly sales in the fall. Bob is always current with the happenings in the Charolais industry and maintains a positive outlook for our breeds future.